How Advertising Tactics Affect the Audience’s Perception Essay

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It’s everywhere, in every direction we look. It’s on the way to school, on the benches you see, and even on the fast food cup you purchase. It is unavoidable. It is powerful, and much stronger then we realize. It can manipulate people into thinking a certain way, and even change cultural opinion. What is it? It is none other than advertising. According to CBS News’ Article “Cutting Through Advertisement Clutter”, every individual sees close to 5,000 ads a day. With the right research, look, and design an advertisement has a way of completely changing the way people view a product.
Take Dove for example. Prior to 2004, this international mega brand used advertising tactics much like many other brands were using- skinny models, sexual
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One such strategy is hidden in the text of the billboard itself. Advertising is famous for its use of rhetoric language, and the Dove advertisement is an excellent example of using rhetoric to persuade its audience. The words ‘new’ and ‘real’ evoke a feeling of freshness and help persuade the audience to buy the lotion. According to Gillian Dyer, author of Advertising as Communication, the word ‘real’ is one of the most common adjectives used in advertising. “Words such as ‘new’ and ‘real’, not only describe things, but they communicate feelings, associations, and attitudes; they bring ideas to our minds.” (Dyer 1988, p.140). Dyer also states “rhetoric language also carries the implication of extravagance and artifice, not to mention a lack of information.” The lack of information is clear in the Dove billboard. The sentence is abbreviated and simply constructed, which is a common technique among advertisements as to not confuse the target audience with the message.
Another element of the text on the billboard also plays a role of influencing the audience. As suggested by Dyer (1988, P.162), “if the space between words are narrow, everyday use of a product is signified.” One can see that spaces between the words on the billboard are not stretched out and rather narrow compared to the size of the actual billboard. Aside from the textual analysis, an image and design analysis are

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