Essay on How Advertising Is Not A Foreign Matter?

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Nowadays advertising actually is not a foreign matter to everybody in this modern life. We can see advertising everywhere around us from newspaper, radio, television to YouTube, or maybe on social media like Facebook, and Instagram. Advertising is an audio or visual form of showcasing correspondence that utilizes a transparently supported, and promote or sell a product, service or idea. For example, about the beauty standards, many magazines everyday produce images of impossible beauty; for this reason, many people suffer from poor body images, or trying hard on diet progress to get the fitness for their bodies. However, about the beauty advertisement, have you ever looked at a magazine or an advertisement on TV and thought, “I wish I could be slim like her!” or “I wish I had that ageless skin?” Would you be surprised to find out those models, actors, or celebrities don’t actually look like that? It seems a lot of companies have made a deceiving new best friend, Photoshop. Even though it is an unrealistic imagine; however, Photoshop not only makes women look more beautiful and perfect without exercising, using surgery, or spending too much money on beauty products, but also boosts the self-esteem of every woman that makes they feel more confident with their appearances. The ad is about the “Fotoshop of Adobé” video that was uploaded on YouTube about four years ago. Adobé opens the video with the strong statement about the new revolution in beauty in the introduction:…

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