How Advertising Has Changed Through The Years? Essay

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Advertising has been around for at least 295 years. The first advertisement published was in 1704. A newspaper ad that announced an estate that needed buyers ( ). How has advertisement changed through the years? It is now 2016. Social media has become the most popular activity for humans of all ages. The different opportunities companies have to advertise seem almost endless. Newspapers, television, billboards, social media, radio stations, and magazines are all choices that have the most affect for buyers. Newspaper ads have been around for many years. Newspaper ads tend to affect the older generations due to the fact that do not have a social media account. Language in newspaper ads differs from the language used for social media. Companies are realizing that older people will be drawn to newspapers, therefore companies will have to adjust their language. Newspaper ads are different today than they were years ago by the overall outlook. Ads back then had a large amount of text written on them and would rarely have images on them. If a business wants to share information about themselves to their community, posting the product in the newspaper would be more beneficial than posting in a magazine.
Radio stations offer an opportunity to deliver a simple yet powerful message to a group that may be interested in the product or service a company has to offer. When companies choose a radio station to broadcast their ad, the company has to think of the audience target they want…

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