Essay about How Advertising And Its Effects On The World

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Advertisements are messages sent to customers using different Medias to attract as many customers as possible to like and use their products and services. Advertisement involves using of different methods such as newspapers, radio, television, internet and messages.

The above advertisement is from social Medias like Facebook, twitter and television, it used by an oil company to advertise its produce. It involves the use of Fresh Corn Oil known as Frying Cooking Oil. Included in it involves the ingredients used to make the cooking oil which are corn and omega 6 fatty acid. Some of the advantages of using this cooking fat are that it does not solidify even in cold weather or when stored in refrigerators, it is cholesterol free, it is packed in different sizes and amounts to suit every consumer’s pocket. It makes cooking easier and good. It can be used to cook all types of food including salad addressing, frying, and more.
The main goal and purpose of advertising this cooking oil is to get more consumers to using it without tarnishing the name of other companies producing the same product. It is believed that it is the best cooking oil compared to any other in the market considering what it is made from and also it’s portioning not forgetting its price is customer friendly (Corn Products Company, 2007). We purpose to teach consumers the advantages of using it. The cooking…

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