How Advertising Affects Our Society Essay

1718 Words Oct 21st, 2016 7 Pages
The consumerist mindset that many people have today stems from a couple of different techniques put in place by corporations, the media, and consumers themselves. A major player though in the continuation of our consumer society is advertisements. Advertising can be found in magazines, movies, television, posters, on the radio, through communication with others, and in what is deemed important to have in societal life. Although there are a wide variety of places to find advertising, this essay will focus purely on advertisements found on television, better known as commercials. Within this broad range of commercials, the focus is narrowed even further to look at ones promoting mobile phone producers, Apple, Samsung, LG, and Microsoft. These producers all use the ideas of the spectacle, phantasmagoria, hyperreality, and simulacrum in their advertisements to grab the attention of more consumers and succeed in selling them their product. Technology today is an ever growing area of work, constantly being improved upon and offering the world the newest, quickest, and most fashionable items to have. All technology products attempt to show people in each community just what it means to be “keeping up with the Joneses”: continually aiming to be at a similar status as those around you by owning the same items or better ones. These companies tend to offer their products to consumers by showing just how improved your life will be with their products in your hands. And not only that,…

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