How Advertisers Spend Money? Essay

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Advertisers spend money in order to sneakily convince viewers what they should desire. In fact, a thirty second commercial from the last seasons super bowl can cost up to five million dollars for people to view (Markman). These viewers are additionally part time consumers, spending money here and there. But with so many things to purchase out there how is anyone supposed to know exactly what to buy? Imagine quickly stopping into the store, only to grab one thing. Then you suddenly remember that commercial about that new chocolate candy advertised during the super bowl and you can’t help but buy it. Advertisers make sure audiences of all ages are able to remember their commercial through affective conditioning. Affective conditioning is “the transfer of our feelings from one set of items to another. It is commonly used in advertising and is the belief that if you advertise your product with things the public associates with positively, it will sell better” (Bekeridis). Although just one package of candy has been bought, affective conditioning is often persuading us subconsciously to buy extra things every trip to the store. This of course can take a huge hit on Americans wallets. Advertisements have the ability to impact a child mentally by obstructing their view of reality, they can affect their behavior, and can physically affect their weight.
The large amount of media available to everyone can have negative affect on a child’s view of reality. Children are targeted…

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