How Aa 's Chronic Condition Has Shaped Her Life Essay

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This paper will explore how AA’s chronic condition has shaped her life, how it affects her relationship with her children and some of her coping mechanisms.
Through the months of September and October I had three meetings with a local woman, AA and her two sons, CG and HG. When we first spoke to arrange our meetings, we had decided to look into her asthma and how that affected her life and her family. As our first visit progressed, I realized that her struggles with mental health seem to have a much bigger effect on her life and family. AA has lived with depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem for her entire life. She never lived with her father and was mistreated by her mother until moving in full time with her grandmother at the age of twelve. As shown in the Genogram, AA’s mother has an undiagnosed mental illness; this is speculation on AA’s part because she always assumed that her mother was suffering from something, which would have lead to the harsh treatment of her daughter.
Depression is a spectrum disorder, symptoms can range from sleep disturbances, weight loss/gain, feelings of hopelessness, fatigue, and a general disinterest in engaging in life’s activities, all the way to unexplained somatic pain and suicidal ideations (Canada pamphlet thing). These and other symptoms of depression can impact all areas of life, specifically health, relationships, employment, and family life (Edward, 2013). AA feels that depression had a drastic impact to her overall health;…

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