How A Wild Tongue By Gloria Anzaldua Essay example

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In “How to Tame a Wild Tongue,” author Gloria Anzaldua portrays all the negative aspects of having to dispose of her hispanic roots and taming her wild tongue to do so. She begins the article by describing her agonizing trip to the dentist and how they were forcefully pulling metal bits from her mouth. She talks of the terrible smell that is wafted when she tries to express the pain. At one point the dentist says, “We’re going to have to do something about your tongue.”(Anzaldua 2947) Her tongue kept forcing its way past the cotton border to get to the surgical utensils and drills. The dentist also remarks about her tongue saying, “I’ve never seen anything as strong or as stubborn.”(Anzaldua 2947) In that moment Anzaldua is taken back to her childhood, a time when she was punished for using a language she grew up learning. From the article you can speculate that she attended a catholic school during her adolescence. She refers to being punished when she spoke spanish at recess, by receiving three licks on her hands. Being punished for speaking Spanish at recess is cruel. If a person uses one’s native tongue in a positive and non-threatening way they shouldn’t be punished. Another time she was put in the corner for talking back to her teacher, however she was merely trying to explain how to pronounce her name. The most unlawful thing that she was subject to was having to take two additional speech classes to eliminate her accent. Although she was treated unfair in many ways…

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