How A Relationship Is Important And Rewarding Aspects Of One 's Life

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To most, being in a relationship is one of the most important and rewarding aspects of one’s life. Considering the significance of relationships, it is always in one’s best interest to make them fulfilling, and the most important part of making a relationship work is communication. There are a multitude of factors that differentiate types of communication whether it is one’s gender, personality or position. With this being said, it is imperative for couples to understand how they and their spouse each communicate and respond to one another for the well-being of their relationship. The couple I chose to interview for this assignment consists of my friend Cody and his wife Mandy. Cody and Mandy have been together for 6 years now and they live a few hours away in Troy, Missouri. Cody has been a close friend of mine since we met in the fourth grade and started playing Pokémon Cards together. Though he moved away in high school, we have always remained in contact. Cody met his now wife, Mandy, six years ago through mutual friends in Wentzville, Missouri. They began to date and within that year had moved in together and become a cohabitating couple. Ever since then, his visits to Poplar Bluff have always involved Mandy and I can say they are a couple that does literally everything together. It is for this reason, and the success of their relationship despite having entirely different personalities, that I have chosen to use them as an example to portray communication styles.…

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