How A Registered Nurse Can Assist A Patient Living With A Chronic Illness

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This paper will describe how a Registered Nurse can assist a patient living with a chronic illness be more resilient. We chose to focus on those living with a cardiac condition because cardiovascular diseases are known to be the second leading cause of death in Canada (Statistics Canada, 2011). The nurse will assist the patient through the use of building coping mechanisms, educating on health related topics to inform the patient on his or her condition and through encouragement to participate in a cardiac rehabilitation program. By assisting the patient with ways to deal with his or her condition we can help them get on the right track to continue their life as it was before and improve their overall quality of life.
According to Lane et al, anxiety and depression are up to three times higher in people with cardiac conditions (Dent et al., 2014). A chronic condition can be overwhelming when first diagnosed, but the nurse can help a patient develop strategies to cope with the challenges they may face (Baier & Hegadoren, 2014). “By means of listening to the patients, communicating and treating the patients with respect, by using empathic understanding, and acknowledging him/her as a person who is to be taken seriously and attended to, staff nurses might positively influence depression, anxiety, and well-being” (Haugan et al., 2013, p. 2200). Nurses can also assist a patient to develop a social support network, examine the cause of stressors and consider stress relievers…

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