How A Healing Hospital Is Taking Place Has An Impact On The Patient 's Recovery

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Introduction In the world of healthcare the environment where the healthcare is taking place has an impact on the patient’s recovery. This essay will show examples of how a “Healing hospital” helps a patient feel more comfortable. According to a book review of Radical Loving Care a book by Erie Chapman quoted Chapmen in saying, “health care leaders are living a lie. They are promising loving care to the public in mission statements and then making no meaningful effort to ensure that care is actually practiced” (Cunningham, L. 2006). When a patient feels comfortable and relaxed their health seems to improve.

Healing Hospital
A “Healing Hospital” is a healthcare establishment which does everything to make a patient feel relaxed and recover faster. One article about a local healing hospital in Arizona said a healing hospital environment is, “One that helps patients feel safe and comfortable, one that reminds staff why they chose health care as a line of work” (Eberst, L. 2008). The number one duty of a healing hospital is that the patient’s needs come first. They also focus on growth in the medical professional field for their staff. There are hospitals all over the country that hold to these principles.
Healing hospital buildings are also built with the best technology, artwork, and architecture. According to a hospital that recently became a healing hospital the things focused on when renovating were, “Nature, Color, Light, Environment, Security, Wayfinding, and Culture……

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