How A Government Health System Works And How People Essay example

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In this article the author Andrea Louise is explaining what is happening in the health business, and how people on the lower classes are affected by it. People who are living under poverty and those people need insurances to keep themselves healthy and also to keep their kids healthy. Unfortunately some of the rules and regulations in order to get the insurance are very difficult and even id someone gets the insurance most of the insurance doesn’t even pay the full amount. For the people who don’t make enough money, in order to get an insurance from the government people have to show themselves as a poor person, a person who cannot afford to pay for anything, and the minimum job (cannot have a big job). The main idea of this article is to tell how a government health system works and how people will have to show themselves as a poor and not be able to work a lot or work on a lower class job in order to get the insurance. A piece of evidence that supports the main idea is when the author talks about her sister-in-law pregnancy. How her sister in law got in an accident and damaged her spine and miraculously the baby also survived and was healthy. Her brother works in a small metal shop as a manager and the place doesn’t offer a health insurance. The health insurance was too expensive for them to buy. Luckily her sister in law was enrolled in AIM (Access for Infants and Mothers program) which is a government program, but the program only pays for 60 days for her to stay in…

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