Essay on How A Fluid Is A Substance

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A fluid is a substance that deforms continuously when subjected to a shear stress. A simplified definition is that it is a substance that is able to flow smoothly and changes it’s shaped when a force is acted upon it. There are different types of fluids. Ideal Fluids and Newtonian as examples. An ideal fluid is a substance that has zero viscosity and is considered to be incompressible (density is constant). [2] In reality, there is no such thing as ideal fluids as there are always viscous effects, but are used to simplify calculations. A Newtonian fluid is a substance when there viscous stresses are linearly proportional to the shear rate. [3] Air behaves like an ideal fluid and is also a Newtonian Fluid. The flow field around a cylinder is symmetric at low Reynolds number and as the Reynolds number increases and the flow separation starts to occur where vortices are created. An experiment with flow around a cylinder can be used to study this phenomenon as well as the effects of viscosity and flow separation upon pressure distribution at the surface of the boundary. The Tunnel Calibration Constant is ratio of the dynamic pressure upstream of the cylinder to the pressure difference across the contraction. Theoretically the value for the Tunnel Calibration Constant should be the same for both the smooth flow and the turbulent flow as the wind tunnel used for both experiments were the same. It is affected by the reading from the Betz micro manometer, the angle the…

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