How A Feminist Approach For Research Differs From Traditional Approaches?

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Chapter One

1. Describe how a feminist approach to research differs from traditional approaches.

A feminist approach to research differs from traditional approaches in several ways. For example, a feminist approach research is often with female lives as the main topic of interest. Furthermore, feminist research usually emphasizes women studies and social activism. Traditional approaches to research usually research a variety of topics not specific to women.

2. Give two examples of androcentric bias in psychology.

Two examples of androcentric bias in psychology include: men being assumed as the norm and lack of psychology of women classes. The first example was very apparent during the1960 's. During this time, man were considered the norm and women 's behavior was considered a deviation. The second example of androcentric bias in psychology was the lack of women 's studies. During the last few years, women 's studies have become much more popular; however, before the big feminist movements, no psychology of women studies existed.

3. Chapter 1 of your textbook discusses various types of feminism (socialist, womanism, radical, liberal, cultural, and global), if you had to call yourself a feminist, which kind of feminism would you most likely claim? Explain you answer.

If I had to call myself a feminist, I would call myself a liberal feminist. Liberal feminist are persons working to change laws that support equality for women. Furthermore, liberal feminist work to…

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