Essay on How A Childhood Friend Re Flamed My Heart

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We Are All Healers
How a Childhood Friend Re-flamed my Heart

Aysegul came to city Ankara to visit me when I was staying in the hospital, assisting my father who was recovering from a complicated surgery. Aysegul did not know my father, but, she was my childhood friend: We were born in the same year, the same city and, we had gone to the same school for six years, most of which were spent in the same classroom. Some years, her desk was right behind mine.
Five or six years ago, we found each other again on Facebook. Then, three years ago, she came to visit us in the US with her family; and, she came again in the following year. The main reason of her US tours was her sons’ instigation to US schools. Last August, when she came to Ankara by interrupting her vacation in Bodrum*, just to share a few hours with me, we started to talk… I mean, really talk. In the empty hospital hallways, until the late night, my friend told me all about those years we spent apart from each other. Mostly, she did the talking and, I did the listening; but, little did I know that my turn to talk would also come: That night, Aysegul asked me the questions no one asked, answered the questions no one answered and, we became each other’s mirrors. The common theme of our conversation was about the matters of the heart. She poked my soul and, I uttered confessions despite the knots in my throat. At some point, she got behind me and blew her breath between my shoulder blades. Then, she softly told me…

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