How A Child 's Home Life And Environment Affect Them Essay

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There is no debate that a person’s family has a significant influence on the person they become. A child’s home life can significantly impact the course their life will take. When a child misbehaves people are quick to blame their parents, phrases such as “the apple never falls far from the tree” suggest that children are highly influenced by their family and that delinquency is the fault of parents. Therefore, the question this paper will investigate is how a child’s home life and environment affect them and more specifically how these factors affect their chances of being delinquent.This is an important question because the sooner causes of delinquency or protective factors can be pinpointed the better equipped society will be to reduce the amount of children who enter into or return to the juvenile court system. These factors can be used to educate parents on the best and most effective ways to prevent delinquency before it happens. Preventing delinquency would benefit not only society but the child themselves due to the fact that children are often negatively affected by being labeled delinquent. The goal of this paper is to gain an understanding of all the different factors from a child’s home life that influence their actions and their status as either delinquent or not. In other words, the issue at hand is what environmental factors at home cause, promote, or prevent delinquency.
This paper will address how different parenting styles affect children and how they…

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