How A Child Develops Emotionally From The Prenatal Stage Up Essay

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In this poster I will be explaining how a child develops emotionally from the prenatal stage up to 2 years. Children do not automatically recognise what their emotions are or how to control them- it is something that they need to learn. Through the different stages children experience different emotions, and will have different ways to express them. Children will gain emotional intelligence from first-hand experiences, along with their expression and understanding of emotions (Olde, 2013). There are many factors that can affect emotional development- I will be focusing on how neglect affects a child emotionally, and will explain how it can impact other areas of development.
As many people are unaware, children start to develop emotionally whilst in the womb- at 24 weeks! Parents can help promote development by playing music, talking to their baby and reading to them, as this assists with their cognitive development- then triggering their emotional development . During pregnancy the baby begins to recognise their parent’s voice and because of this, when born hearing their parent’s voice can help to calm them. According to experts babies can also recognise their mother’s emotion- when she is happy, upset, or stressed. This can have an impact on the child’s emotional state (Farrelly).
The first few days is the vital time when the baby and parents begin to form an attachment, that will strengthen as the baby receives love and attention from the parents. Bowlby’s theory is all…

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