How A Business Deals With Its Customers Essay

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Regardless of how a business deals with its customers, the business has to always use a customer lens, which means the company looks through the customer’s eyes. The Walt Disney Company shines at customer service, and the reason is that the company, in constructing every consumer experience, gazes at everything through the eyes of the consumer. Every time the company comes into contact with the customer, they do it with an experience approach, not a task approach. When businesses enter into their customer connections as tasks rather than experiences, customers feel better handled through the system rather than just feeling appreciated. It is simple to descend into the task approach; it is the experience approach that enhances customer faithfulness. The experience approach first involves companies to look at everything through the lens of the consumer. When a company looks everything in the eyes of the consumer, they begin to comprehend why consumers do what they do and understand that ill-advised questions from consumers might not seem so stupid. When the company looks at the customers through the customer’s eyes, the company can see what is behind the question. Disney has a three step process, that when done accurately and dependably it turns into magic. The first step in that process is service mapping, which delves into the people and processes involved in customer service together. Every stage in the progression should be examined through the lens of the customer, not…

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