Essay on Hovey and Beard Company Case

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1. Discuss how the principles of job design and reinforcement theory apply to the performance problems at the Hovey and Beard Company.

According to Ivancevich “Job Design is the process by which managers decide individual job tasks and authority” (p.150), furthermore managers decide about the content, responsibility and duties of the job. Managers have the power to determine the method of doing the job; additionally they are able to expect a certain level of relationships between all co-workers, subordinates etc. The advantage of designing a job is that interest people get the information about the qualifications which are required as well as the reward for doing the job. The most important part of designing a job is to design it
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Unfortunately the managers didn’t make it clear which responsibility, duties and content the job of the supervisor and consultant had. Furthermore after proving higher and better productivity and profitability by the supervisor and consultant, there were no rewards for the consultant and supervisor. As a consequence the supervisor left his job.

2. Analyze the performance problems using the "performance diagnosis model" in Chapter 7.

The performance diagnosis model reflects the issues which the company has to face. According to Ivanevich “employees will work hard and are good performers if the work environment encourages these actions” (p. 208). In the case of the Hovey and Beard Company the job environment and condition for the employees were not given. Due to the performance diagnostic model it can be detected several reasons which causes the low performance of the subordinate and employees.

After analyzing the performance of the company in accordance with the diagnostic model, the issue raised due to Resources and Incentives problem. Regarding the resource problem apparently at the beginning of the new system to paint the toys, the employees had a lack of resource support. There were no fans to keep the temperature low, complaints about the speed of the hooks etc. After changing the circumstances the employees were satisfied and performed better than expected. Additionally the

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