Houston, Texas Vs. Zacapa, Guatemala Essay

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Houston, Texas Vs. Zacapa, Guatemala
With many diverse people come many different lifestyles. There are people living different lives all over the world today. When people learn the variety of cultures in the world they realize how unique each one is. From countries to cities people lifestyles are either financially tough or stable. Specifically, Houston, Texas and Zacapa, Guatemala are two different and in some ways similar places to live in based on economy, education and foods.
To explain, when talking about Houston, Texas there are various amounts of subjects that one can discuss such as their economy. Houston resides in one of the greatest countries in the world and is very diverse with many exciting opportunities. For the most part, the population of Houston is financially stable and is to meet their basic needs. Meanwhile, Houston’s unemployment rate is 3.7%, which is fairly low, compared to other cities. So in Houston they’re always building and opening new companies and facilities, which always helps with the economy and unemployment rate. It’s a city in Texas where many people commute to for better career growth, because Houston is the fourth largest metropolitan area in the United States there able to help their citizens in numerous ways.
Some parts of Houston excel in education; this can be shown by the many opportunities available to the children. Education in Houston is a big priority for children because there are many different options of schools like…

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