Houston Hospital Making People Sick Case Study

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Assignment C (local news sites/ local newspaper) (local issue)
Topic: Houston Hospitals making people sick
Current Event (Ethical Lens): “Hospital Staff often work while ill”
1. Markian Hawryluk in “Hospital Staff often work while ill” argues that hospitals should implement more regulations in order to prevent sick staff from going to work and exposing patients to more danger.

2. Hawryluk’s claims:
• Hospitals are “a great place to get sick”
• “83 percent of doctors and other health practitioners reported going to work despite being sick”
• Hospital staff goes to work ill because they do not want to “disappoint colleagues or patients,” others go because they say it is difficult “to arrange for someone to cover for them,” and some “have
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Bertha Alvarez Manninen in “Revisiting the Argument from Fetal Potential” writes on how people should be able to find their personal identity in order to make a wise decision on abortion since there are so many controversies about abortion ethics.

2. Manninen’s claims:
• “abortion is seriously wrong because it kills a potential person”
• Despite “newborn infants lacking the psychological maturity” this does not “exclude them from the moral community”
• They “have the potential to develop these conscious goods”
• “a fetus may not just possibly become a person, it will become a person”
• The human fetus has a moral right to life”
• “the fetus should be allowed to be born and grow up”

3. Bertha Alvarez Manninen argues that one should find a personal identity in order to find the internal battle over abortion ethics. She makes her position clear while considering both sides of the argument. Each counter argument she presents she refutes it resulting in her argument becoming more convincing towards the audience. She also uses factual information provided by the United Nations. This allows her to earn credibility since the United Nations is a well-established credible

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