Housing Development And Housing Policies Essay

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Housing needs vary according to family life stages or person’s perception of what they need in a house. The very first phase in finding a home is considering what type of shelter suits the household. There are factors that affect housing needs: climate, location, cost, aptness and lifestyles. Those aspects should be considered in order to satisfy the needs for a home.

This paper investigates the states of mind and opinions of utilized inhabitants of the public housing established from the past 5, 10 and 15 years. This aims to explore approaches and views of housing development residents through examining past and recent housing strategies for both local and foreign. In the course of recent decades, the national government has utilized numerous ways to deal with housing policy in the national effort to lighten poverty. Strategies have incorporated the spreading of low-income households, advancement of geographic flexibility, and the dependence on market-based resolutions in contrary to the economical, physical and social effects of poverty.

Background This presents three of housing developments in three different settings: Tiaong, Quezon City; Seattle, Washington and Dasmariñas, Cavite. Each development’s perspectives was based on market conditions, and level of financial and political support that was given at a given point time.

National Housing Authority, Quezon City, Philippines

The National Housing Authority (Abbreviation: NHA) is a government…

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