Housework : An Feminist Stance Essay

840 Words May 17th, 2016 4 Pages
Housework is one of those necessary evils which never seems to go away or reach completion. It is something which could be seen as work towards creating a pleasant environment to return home to each day, or something hideous which awaits us when we return home each day. So we take the feminist stance of sharing the load, or the post-feminist stance of doing it anyway but saying it is permitted because we chose to. Or we just leave it until it gets really bad because hey guess what – we already spend far too much time doing work of one kind of another and life is too short. … after all when I am on my death bed I shan’t be thinking ‘Gosh I wish I’d spend even more time vacuum cleaning up bits of cat fur off the carpet”.

The everyday mundane tasks which are questionably associated with women, are the tasks which provide secure foundations of most people’s lives, without which they would not be able to go out into the world to do many other things. Felski argues that to associate women with the ‘everyday’ is to write them out of history: “women are primarily responsible for the repetitive tasks of social reproduction; cleaning, preparing meals, caring for children. While much paid work is equally repetitive, only the domestic sphere is deemed to exist outside the dynamic of history and change” (1999: 19). This is symptomatic of a capitalist society by focussing on that which can be measured in terms of a monetary value, and domestic work is unpaid so therefore…

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