Housesqft Cmis102 Essay

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CMIS102 Homework Assignment 1 (Worth 13% of your gradeProblem definition: Calculate the usable area in square feet of house. Assume that the house has a maximum of four rooms, and that each room is rectangular.

A. Problem Analysis – Following the directions in the assignment, clearly write up your problem analysis in this section.

The primary goal is to calculate the square footage of a 4-room house. In order to do this, we need to know each room’s length and width, then calculate the area of each room and lastly find the sum of the area of each of the four rooms. * Area of Room1=length1*width1 * Area of Room2=length2*width2 * Area of Room3=length3*width3 * Area of Room4=length4*width4 Total Number of Square
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Program Comments and Test Data – Following the directions in the assignment, include your test data and expected results in this section.

Table 1. Include your test data table here

|Input: Room

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