`` House Taken Over `` By Julio Cortazar Essay

1003 Words Apr 6th, 2016 null Page
Human emotions such as guilt and fear can affect a person’s mind so deeply that it can cause a complete change in their behavioral aspect. A person’s conscience is something that is not really in their control. However, people still try to change that fact by overthinking, not committing sins and doing good deeds so they don’t end up having a guilty conscience. Julio Cortazar an Argentinian novelist famous for his ability to merge realism with imagination does a great job in bringing out a very important topic about human psychological behavior caused due to their consciences in “House Taken Over”. In this short story, it is seen that the protagonist and his sister Irene are suffering from a guilty conscience which is forcing them out of their home. Guilty conscience is a feeling a person experiences when the person does something against the norm and out of the ordinary. As seen in the case of the siblings in “House Taken Over” where they are living in such a big house alone because they are feeling guilt and fear that is forcing them to isolate themselves from the world. The protagonist and his sister Irene are both old and unmarried. According to the story the siblings are bonded in a married relationship with each other as stated “we are easing into our forties with the unvoiced concept that the quiet, simple marriage of sister and brother was the indispensable end to a line established in the house by our grandparents” (689). This quote clarifies for…

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