House of Sand and Fog Essay

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The novel House of Sand and Fog, written by Andrew Dubus III, is a story about how society, events from the past and present situations can affect people’s persona, anima/animus, shadow and self which eventually influences their decisions about life. Dubus explores the conflict between two completely different people with opposite persona. Colonel Masoud Behrani, once a wealthy man in Iran, is now a struggling immigrant willing to bet everything he has to restore his family’s dignity. Kathy Nicolo is a troubled young woman whose house is all she has left, and who refuses to let her hard-won stability slip away from her. These two characters are drawn by their competing desires to the same small house and domed by their tragic inability to …show more content…
The opportunity that Colonel seeks to take no matter the risk, comes when the house of Kathy Nicolo comes to the auction by the county. “God has given to us this bungalow, Nadi. We will have no other opportunity to make such money” (p. 210). He begins to regain his hope of building his persona again; however, when he finds out the auction is a mistake and he is asked to sell the house to “its rightful owner” after buying it with cash, he begins to be angry, violence, stubborn, selfish and inconsiderate. His psyche is tired of all the terrible things he has suffered from the beginning of escaping from Iran, to keeping up the persona from the past. “I am simply tired, tired of all this turbulence in our life. I want peace. I want peace and silence and no more loud emotion” (p.254). He wanted to be like his old ages aggressively that he starts to act as a colonel no matter what the situation is. Behrani expected everyone such as his wife, Kathy, the County and Kathy’s lawyer to follow his orders and respect her as a Colonel from Iranian Air Force. “You’re used to giving orders, aren’t you, Colonel? “ (p. 167) says a policeman, pointing out Behrani’s attitude. His emotions replace logic for making decisions which is where his unrevealed

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