House Arrest Essay

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CONDITIONS AND TERMS OF HOME ARREST CONFINEMENT The defendant,______________________ having been fully advised of the alternatives, does hereby acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions of .home arrest confinement:


The defendant shall be voluntarily confined to his/her agreed upon residence located at _________________________ City of _______________________County of ___________________ State of Ohio, which has an operating telephone number of ___________ for the total duration of his/her confinement, which is _______ days, commencing on or about _____________19____ and ending on or about _______________________, 19_____.


The defendant agrees to remain at the above residence at all times, except at those
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The defendant acknowledges that the loss of a receiving signal, the receipt of a tamper signal or the receipt of a signal indicating absence from the residence is in violation of the home arrest confinement program and physical evidence indicating that the monitoring device has been tampered with or removed may constitute a violation of this agreement and a violation of the home arrest confinement program.


The defendant understands that this monitoring will be accomplished by a receiver attached to his/her residence telephone connected electronically by common carrier to a computer at the BI Corporation office and (shall) (shall not) include alcohol monitoring. In addition, the defendant understands that they shall be credited for 1/2 day against the sentenced jail term for each day successfully completed in the house arrest confinement program. None of such credit shall be applied against the sentenced jail term unless and until the defendant has successfully completed the entire home arrest confinement period set forth under Paragraph one (1) above. Also, the defendant may be monitored by telephone calls and personal visits to his/her approved residence by Coshocton Municipal Court Home Arrest, law enforcement officers and/or BI Corporation representatives.


The defendant understands that during the home arrest confinement

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