Hots Stimulation Essay

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Final Assignment for the HOTS Simulation

Contents Letter from GM 2 Industry Environment 3 Intended Strategy Selection 4 Intended Pro-forma income statement from year 1 to year3 5 Realized Strategies and Deviations 7 Realized P&L Statement from year 1 to year 3 10 SWOT Analysis 10 Financial condition: 12 Marketing strategies and effectiveness 21 Physical property condition 22 Impacts of decisions on human beings 23 Cost Control 24 Strategic Recommendation 25 Pro-forma income statement of year 4 to year 6 26 Conclusion 29 Reference 29

Letter from GM
It is with my great honored to represent the Poseidon Hotel, and to introduce how the business of the hotel run over the past 3 year to all of
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The basic functions like the business service, conference room are also popular. Furthermore, people are more willing to spend money to do their business and social events, so the conference and meeting facilities still have a big potential market.
According to the Source of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, it showed that staffs are one of the important property of hotel because they are provide the service to the guests and some of them even represent the image of hotels because they are the first person who are contact with the guest. And now hotel industry more focuses on the ‘quality’ of the staff, company willing to spend more to training the staffs and give more resources to encourage the staff develop because they think that if the staff have improve or learn something new is also helping the company.

What has happened to change the environment? 1. Inflation: The global inflation is very high nowadays and it keeps increasing every year, so that it really affects the hospitality very much, all the expenditure, staff wages and expenses are all increased, the room rates and the product prices are needed to be increased to cover the costs. 2. Increase in no of competitors:
More competitors appeared in the hospitality industry. Some of the international brand name hotel established, they had add the casinos, shopping mall or more and more entertainment facilities, they focus providing an innovative service to all the guests, so right

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