Essay on Hotel Rooms Division

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UK accommodation sector

Hotel accommodation sector is one of the highly contributing sector in UK service sector economy. It consists thousands of hotels rooms across the country ranging from small B&B hotels rooms to most expensive hotels in the world. The major trend in UK hotel industry is budget hotels. Budget hotels have flourished during the past decade. There are two main types of accommodation.

1. Serviced accommodation 2. Non Serviced accommodation

Serviced accommodation

Serviced accommodation is where all services are provided by the accommodation provider. It includes servicing of the room, providing food and other services. This is most common type of accommodation available
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Food and beverage can be supplied from near by restaurant. Some of the budget hotels provide food and beverage facilities aswel. Ex: Ibis Hotel, Premier Inn, Holiday Inn, Days Inn, Jury’s Inn

3. City Centre Hotels

Most expensive and world renowned brands of hotels can be located in the city centre with many star classified hotels. Most of the guests are business travellers. Express check in and 24 hour service on all area of the hotel is functioning due to the type of customer they deal with. All facilities required for business traveller is in place. Wireless internet, computer tables, laptops, IDD, satellite conference facilities and many more facilities to assist busy working travellers

4. Boutique Hotels

Boutique hotels are the hotel where luxurious facilities in home type atmosphere where specialised service is given all areas of the hotels. There are few suites in one hotel, many staffs are allocated for service for each rooms and butler service, separate living area, and kitchen area is there for guest. Dining is done on specification of the guest.

5. Airport Hotels

Airport hotels are located near airport. Many of the guests are transit passenger and cabin crew of airlines. Express checks in facilities are in place for guests who are staying for short time .Concierge service in place for help out transit passengers with their luggage.

6. All Suite

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