Hotel Management Case Study

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Want to learn hospitality - learn Hotel management
When a kid is asked what he/she wants to become in the future as a professional, most of the kids obvious answers would be a Doctor, an engineer, an astronaut, painter and many more. But no kid would ever tell that they wanted to study hotel management course and learn hospitality. It's not their fault; right from the time they are born, they have heard only about these courses.
Hotel management or hospitality management refers to the professional course that belongs to the hospitality sector. These include the courses like accounts and marketing, food and beverage management, hotel administration, catering and maintenance.
Generally, the hotel management includes all that is a part of hospitality
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Any student with highest score or lowest score can join this course provided they have some essential qualities inbuilt in them along with their academics. The essential qualities include being warm and friendly, being patient towards their customers, ready to serve anytime as needed by their customers etc. These qualities can be inherited into them during their hotel management course too.
Hotel management merely doesn't mean that the above qualities should be ensured by the organization only when the customer is physically present before them. There will be customers who may need online help too and that is when hotel management software's comes into picture. The software's like Anand System Inc provide users with delightful user experiences, online reservation of rooms or halls etc. The user can view the status of each room with the color code given to each status, payment details, access to guests and many
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Front Office managers - These managers are responsible foe managing the hotels front desk for the query part for any customer.
5. Convention Service managers - They work in close coordination with the clients and conferencing facilities offered by the hotel for various conventions, meetings, seminars, etc.
Hotel management are not just related to these five mentioned careers. There is a long list. Along with these jobs were an individual needs to be physically present in the hotel to serve the customers, there are jobs related too in the field of software. Yes, every hotel develops an online portal of theirs to help the customers, and they are known as Hotel management software's that provide any support to the customers by being online by sitting in any part of the world. They help them choose the best hotels for them.
Why prefer hotel management over other courses?
Candidates who are willing to work in various profiles under the same job are the most suited ones for pursuing hotel management. Candidates with an aggregate of 50% marks in pre-university can apply for the job. The various profiles that the candidate can deal with maybe related to food and beverage services, or work in management, housekeeping, front desk, sales and marketing, accounting or any other department depending upon the specific

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