Hostel Maangement Srs Essay

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Software Requirements Specification (SRS)

System requirements are expressed in a software requirement document. The Software Requirement Specification (SRS) is the official statement of what is required of the system developers. This requirement document includes the requirements definition and the requirement specification. The software requirement document is not a design document. It should set out what the system should do without specifying how it should be done. The requirement set out in this document is complete and consistent.


In this system we find the operations depending on the Different end users. Functionality are listed below:

Administrator: 1. Admin is the only user who can log in to the
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He can add details of the new room 3. He can check the status of the room. 4. He can check and verify hostel fee report 5. He can collect & store the student details 6. He can maintain the availability of hostel & room details

Functional requirements

1. User -friendly package. 2. Efficient retrieval time. 3. Efficient linkage of Information. 4. Validation checks to ensure accuracy. 5. Query facility for instant information. 6. Error messages or better user Interface.

Non Functional requirements

1. Security:
The software used for this hostel management system include the password, so the security is provided. When anyone opens the software it has the provision for entering password. We have to enter the correct password; otherwise we cannot enter into the system. Password is saved in system registry for more security.

2. User Friendly:
This package is very user friendly because it is easy to maintain and operate. All data entry operations are simple, administrator wants only enter data and all other operations are performed by the computer.

3. Availability:
System should be able to work for all 24 hours of a day i.e all the time system is available for security purpose.

4. Portability:
Our system is not depended on any platform, It can run on any OS.

5. Extensibility:
We can add extra features as needed by the user

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