Essay on Host Hotels & Resorts, Inc.

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Host Hotels & Resorts, Inc. is a corporation with headquarters located in Maryland in the United States. (Host Hotels & Resorts). Their mission statement states that “[their] vision is to be the premier lodging real estate company. [They] create value through aggressive asset management and disciplined capital allocation. [Their] success over the years is the result of the careful execution of a focused and disciplined long- term strategic plan to acquire high quality lodging assets in prime urban and resort locations which have the potential for significant capital appreciation. [They] seek to maximize stockholder’s returns through a combination of dividends, growth in funds from operations and increases to net asset value per share” (Host Hotels & Resorts Financial Tear Sheet).

Host Hotels & Resorts, Inc. began in 1993 as the Host Marriott Corporation (Host Hotels & Resorts). Host’s first company had 24 full service hotels, 102 limited service hotels, 24,301 rooms, 14 senior living communities, and was worth $3.6 billion (Host Hotels & Resorts). In 1996, the Host Marriott Corporation expanded to 77 full service hotels, 2 limited service hotels, 37,210 rooms, 29 senior living communities, and was now worth $6.7 billion. In 2002 the Host Marriott Corporation became a Fortune 500 company (Host Hotels & Resorts). In 2006 Host

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Marriott became Host Hotels & Resorts, after gaining some of Starwood hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Incorporated’s…

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