Hospitals Rely On Delivery Models For Patients Essay

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Hospitals rely on delivery models to provide care to patients. The focus of each hospital depends on the goal the hospital wants to accomplish. There are several models of nursing care with various purposes to provide care for patients. In the case study provided, Metropolitan Hospital has many different units and is a teaching hospital. The care delivery model explained in the case study focuses on the emergency department, maternity unit, medical-surgical unit and the mental health in-patient unit. The nursing care delivery model used in the emergency department is the primary nursing hybrid: patient-centered care model. The emergency department at Metropolitan Hospital is a Level 1 Trauma center with an average intake of one hundred and seventy five patients daily. The “patient-focused care model integrates principles from business and industry.” (Yoder-Wise, 2015) This model is effective because it increases efficiency and decreases cost. The typical patient being served at Metropolitan Hospital consists of adult, pediatric and psychiatric.
The best model for this patient population is primary nursing hybrid: patient-centered care because of the dynamics of the emergency department. “This model features decentralized, streamlined, and localized care.” (Yoder-Wise, 2015) “The multidisciplinary team formulates the plan of care after the primary nurse and the physician have assessed the patient.” In this unit the patient may need the services of other disciplines for…

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