Hospitalization Case Study

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Patient’s culture:
MY is a Mexican girl that was born in the US fifteen years ago. She speaks English and Spanish very fluently but she prefers to communicate with her mother in Spanish. Throughout the time, that I provided care for MY, she preferred to communicate with me in English. MY expressed her concern about missing her mom’s food during her hospitalization. Her mom stayed with her most of the time, so she was not able to bring her any homemade food from home because she did not have the time to prepare anything for her. MY is very close to her sisters and parents and has a very close relationship with her mother. She likes to get together with family and friends.
Cultural implications for care:
MY’s mother was always at her bedside
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Also, she said that she loves to interact and play with her dog “Susie” whom she considers her good friend. At the same time, I was able to observe the close relationship that she has with her mother and how she looked for guidance and answers. Parents also continue to exert an influence at the stage.
Effects of illness and hospitalization:
MY was affected but a large number of stressors after being for 19 at the hospital. This list included procedures, needles, separation from school friends, hospital environment, lack of activities, and the long term hospitalization. When MY was ready for the placement of the central line procedure, I was able to see how anxious she was about it. She asked her mom to hold her hand and asked the nurse that was going to perform the procedure to show her the type of needle that she was going to use.
At the same time, the lack of activity during her hospital stay was another stressor for her. I was able to advocate after she talked to me about the desire to do some kind of activity. It was rewarding to see her face smiling after she went with the PT for perform physical activity for the first time during her hospital stay. One of her main concerns she had was to gain weight after being for so long in the hospital without any physical
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Her mom expressed that MY wanted so do some kind of physical activity because she was not physically active. What I perceived was that MY was worry about her body image. She did not want to put extra weight while in the hospital. Body image is a very important part of the adolescents. It was important that she was able to communicate her concern regarding her concern. MY it did not show any distress about her visible physical changes such as, her clubbing fingers. She had a pretty nice pink nail polish on her nails, which made me think that she is not hidden those physical changes. CF affects almost all body systems and produces a wide range of symptoms that patients may find very embarrassing and distressing but the positive support of her mother is reducing and helping her cope with those physical changes.
Ethical Issues:
I was not able to observe any ethical issues during the time I provided care for this patient.
Personal response to care:
MY was the very first patient that I have during this rotation of pediatrics. I was able to learn a lot about CF condition. Moreover, it was significant to see how the participation of a complete dedicated parent to the treatment of a child, can make a big difference in the progression of the disease. MY had been away from visiting the hospital from more than two years. Also, I impressed how this child was always compliant at the time of the performance

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