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Assessing the Contribution of Internship in Developing Australian Tourism and Hospitality Students’ Management Competencies
Maree Walo
School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Southern Cross University, PO Box 157 Lismore, NSW, Australia Received 24 September 2001; accepted 8 October 2001

This study assessed students’ perceptions of their level of management competence, before and after the internship component of their degree programme. A self-assessment instrument utilising the management competencies within the Competing Values Framework (Quinn, Faerman, Thompson, & McGrath, 1990) was used for the
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For employers, internship provides access to a pool of workers who are usually enthusiastic and dedicated to the industry and who bring fresh ideas to the workplace. It also provides them the opportunity to screen potential employees without making long term commitments and to have direct involvement in training the industries’ future managers (Ju, Emenheiser, Clayton & Reynolds, 1998/99; Pauze, Johnson, & Miller,

1989; Petrillose & Montgomery, 1998). For education providers, internship can strengthen links with industry. This can enhance collaborative research opportunities, raise the institution’s profile and establish long term working relationships between industry and the institution to optimise future graduate employment opportunities (Bell & Schmidt, 1996; Walo, 1999). For students, internship provides opportunities to practice what they have learnt in the classroom, gain a greater understanding of the industries’ requirements, test career choices and develop important hands-on workplace skills (Barron, 1999; Barron & Maxwell, 1993; Casado, 1991; Emenheiser, Clayton, & Tas, 1997; Petrillose & Montgomery, 1998). It is further argued that internship contributes to developing students’ management competencies (Knight, 1984; LeBruto & Murray, 1994; Mariampolski, Spears, & Vaden, 1980; Tas, 1988). Students through internship can reportedly develop competence in several generic areas of management, including

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