hospitality scope size and diversity Essay

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Unit 1: The hospitality Industry
The scope of the hospitality industry refers to the range of businesses that provide services and facilities. The hospitality economy is one of the country’s key industries with huge growth prospects in jobs. In employment terms, restaurant are easily the largest sector, closely followed by a pubs, bars and club with the hotel sector growing more slowly, and the contract food service sector holding steady .
The restaurant industry produces the most income which is not as profitable as other industries
The Industry employs over 1.8-2.4 million people.
It is estimated that the industry will require 30,000 to 35,000 trained
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The act of taking care of a strangers or it is serving people.
The practice of being hospitable
Hospitality refers to the hospitality industry jobs for hotels, restaurant, casino, catering, resort, clubs and etc.
There are many elements of diversity. To describe diversity real simple, it means difference or change. “Diversity” means merely that the employees in the workplace are “diverse.” Elements of diversity can include: skin colour, ethnicity, gender, education, age, sexual orientation, economic background, beliefs, religion, and culture, learning style, country of origin, geographic region, physical ability, mental ability, personality, experience, expressiveness, veteran status, and weight. Diversity is all around us and is changing all the time.
To start there are many new trends out there today, but there are some old ones that still remain. The major trend in diversity is towards a fairly even mix of genders and skin colours.
Some trends in the world today that have to do with hospitality include: The Emergence of the Internet and E-Commerce, E-booking and Employment and Recruitment.
To give an example of a new trend right now in hospitality would be online booking in the hospitality industry. It is an easy and convenient way for the consumer and also assists in helping hotels to keep better records.

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