Hospital Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Each of the afore-mentioned Departments is connected via a 1000 Base T CAT 6 cable. Each of these departments has dedicated computers that are assigned per the individual’s title in the organization. For example, the Executive Mgmt. have Apple iMacs, 24”, 2.4GHz, 2GB Ram, 500 MB HD, Wireless, 10/100/1000 Base T, OS Virtualization with MAC OS X Leopard & Windows XP work stations. The HR, OPNS, Finance Senior Manager Workstations are Apple iMac, 20”, 2 GHz, 350 MB HD, Wireless, 10/100/1000 Base T, OS Virtualization with MAC OS X Leopard / Windows XP OS. Personal within the Administrative Areas that are only responsible for data entry are given Thin Client Computer: HP model L1706. The Administrative Departments have two networked HP 4350 Black and White Laser Printers and one color HP 4200pht networked Laser Printer. The Administrative Department is then linked to the IT Data Center where in the IT Date Center; connections are established with servers and the internet. This circuit will be discussed later in this …show more content…
Each of the workstation in the Hospital has wireless capabilities. The only Wire Access Points (WAP) within the hospital is in the Ward Room and in the ICU Areas of the hospital. This technology is very useful for the hospital and it enhances the mobility of the Doctors and Nurses. The IT diagrams do not show the use of wireless tablets or netbooks but I would assume if the technology is present then those standards are in use. In addition, one does not know the age of the hospital’s architecture so by adding a WLAN standard, the Hospital is capable of adding additional workstation without the need of running extra LAN Ethernet cable that can be both costly and demanding of the IT Team. Both the IT Data Center and the RIS Data Center have Remote Access Servers (RAS); the IT Data Center is equipped with an IBM System x3250 RAS Server and the RIS Data Center’s Apple Cluster Server has a built in RAS. With both Data Center possessing WLAN RAS Servers, the Doctors and Nurses are capable in accessing both Data Center to have full access to the patient’s full records. This standard will ensure that the patient is treated accurately by the medical

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