Hospice Care Essay

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Hospice Care LaToya L. Howard HCS/212 January 1, 2013 Denise Brown

I first heard about hospice from a co-worker a few years ago when that co-worker was preparing to check her mother in hospice and she was in her forties. As she discussed with me her mother had a drug addiction problem her entire life. At that time I had never heard about hospice and I became interested in learning more about it. “Hospice is a special concept of care designed to provide comfort and support to patients and their families. Patients are referred to hospice when life expectancy is approximately six months or less. Hospice care can continue longer than six months if
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Hospice care is there to cultivate a person’s quality of life their last days on earth to provide the care, comfort, and respect that person is owed. Not only does hospice address symptoms such as cancer they also focus on all symptoms of diseases, while concentrating on abating a patient’s pain and discomfort. There are bereavement and counseling services available to families prior to patient’s death and after. Since hospice care is also provided in the home, staff members visits the home. I also learned while researching hospice is during the home visits hospice use trained volunteers to help with household chores to reduce the work needed done by the patient’s family members. By doing this, it allows the family member or family care giver time to attend to their personal life, such as running errands or resting. Since hospice patients are given an approximated six months or less to live, if that time has passed and patient’s condition has improved or by the patient’s request they can discontinue hospice care. Hospice patients can be someone of any age who has an illness such as cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and AIDS. As I read further about hospice half of their patients are over the age of sixty five years old. When I researched hospice service demographics there I found an article titled “Blacks Not Taking Advantage of Hospice Services.” The information that was provided

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