Essay about Hosanna Organics Business Pl Marketing Plan

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Hosanna Organics Business Plan
Despite the fact that people eat for strength and have a full stomach, loads of other individuals are always cool with foods that will make them stay healthy at all times. This forms the benefits of eating organic food. Organic foods ae cultivated without the use of any chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides, and Genetically Modified Organisms. Hosanna Organics aims at offering organic food at an affordable rate to Kenyans.
To come up with an organic food store that will provide healthy choices to the residents of Kenya
The Vision
Hosanna Organics will offer healthy food choices to the population of the foreign country called Kenya. The store will not only sell organic food, but also promote key skills and knowledge in food preparation and other healthy eating habits.
• To become a profitable organic food store after three years of operations
• To source the majority of the food from sustainable growers and producers in the country of operation
• To offer learning opportunities to all the customers in the context of healthy eating and food preparation
• To ensure that our customers re-live every moment of their life after purchasing food from the store
Organizational Structure
All the members, each of whom has a say in the overall operations, will govern Hosanna Organics. The establishment will comprise of a Food Store and a restaurant extension. Any change of the rules of the company will be made…

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