Horse With Female Rider : Horses Essay

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Horses are an important animal that people have been familiar with throughout the years. Even today, horses are still participating in people’s daily life. Many years ago, horses were one of the first transportations before the first car came out; horses were also good comrades with warriors. Horses have a strong relationship with human life, and human life is an important theme in art. For this reason, artists love to use horses in artworks throughout history. Artists use horses as the subject to show the beauty of art; the beauty of horses and the scene of daily life in a specific time also can be shown through artworks. Therefore, the two pieces of artworks I chose that impressed me a lot during my visit to the Museum of Fine Art in Boston are sculptures of horses. Although coming from different periods and cultures, they both express a scene of life during that period and narrate the story of their own history. The first piece is an earthenware from China, called Horse with Female Rider. This earthenware is around 15 inches in length, 4 inches in width, and around 14 inches in height, which is really small compared to a life-size horse and human. It is made of glazed earthenware and decorated with three colors: brown, green and a creamy off-white. The horse is in a standing pose with a female rider on its back. The horse has a long neck, but a small head. The artist paid a lot of attention on portraying the body of the horse. From the muscles depicted by the artist, we…

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