Horror Vs Thriller Analysis

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Stomach-turning slaughter, suicide, or just plain murder? When in discussions of book and movie genres, it is often found that horror and thriller seem to get confused. One of the main reasons is because in most horror films, you can find thriller linked to the back of the genre type, as well as finding horror linked to the thriller genre. But what is the difference? It is frequently complex to differentiate, the simpler way is this: horror gives off a horrifying feel, while thriller gives off a thrilling-suspense feel.
What is the first thing you think of when it comes to horror? For me, I mostly think of blood. And that would technically be correct. Horror is most often blood and gore, according to the article “Difference Between Horror and Thriller” (http://www.differencebetween.net), the passage states that “Oftentimes, the horror genre embraces more supernatural elements than thrillers. It has more gore, and there are more gruesome casualties involved.” Horror is also intended to give the audience a “scary feel”, not just an edgy feel, but the kind that makes you check under your bed for
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Most of the time horrors actually do contain thrillers in them, like “Coraline” by Neil Gailman. Other times thriller contains horror in it, to add scary feels to the suspense, like “Poltergeist”. To stay away from the confusion, it is best to realize the main plot of the book or movie. If it is trying to scare you or arouse fear, it is most likely horror. But if its purpose is just to leave you on questions and worry for the antagonist, it is thriller. You will also often see more plot twists in thrillers as well. Wisegeek.com mentions in their article “What are the Characteristics of Thriller Genre?” that “The threat of death or capture is ever-present, and clever plot twists usually complicate the matter.” Horrors tend to lean away from plot twists at times, using jump scares and shrilling music to captivate their

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