Jim House Film Analysis

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A small family consisting of 4 members are packing their bags, getting ready to leave for dinner with their relatives. The parents and their oldest son are going, but the younger one insists on staying back to finish his homework.
CHRIS walks from the kitchen to the corridor and comes to the guest room, he sits down and he is waiting for his parents and older brother to leave, so he can lock the main door.
Hey mum don’t forget to bring me some food on your way back home! MOTHER
Why don’t you just come with us them Chris? Trust me it’s gonna be so fun! Even your cousins will be there, you can hang around together! CHRIS
Mum please… Just bring me food on your way back don’t give me lectures again, we already
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With companies such as Blumhouse, watching a horror film is never the same experience as each film produced by the company has its own taste in narrative as well as production techniques. My creative project will examine the new approaches and put them into practice, specifically focusing on a new approach to the horror genre, known as ‘Choose your own adventure’. This technique requires multiple scenes that allows the viewer to choose the path which the film will take, by deciding what happens next, which will impact on the outcome of the film. This is a form of engaging the viewer with text as well as navigating from one video to another. This method is called ‘Interactivity’. Interactivity allows for the viewer’s input, rather than just making them sit back and watch a linear-based film. The aims of this project is to learn about these new approaches that are being used contemporary and to study their impact on the paranormal sub-genre within the horror genre, as well as its audience. My creative project refers back to the exegesis as it allows me to draw on the new approaches and techniques, and put them into context when filming and editing. The screenplay script provided allows me to understand the narrative of the film while in the process of filming. The actors are also given a copy of the script in order for them to know their role. Screenplay scripts are always used by filmmakers. It allows the actors to know their rules. It also states different scenes with their own clarifications and sound

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