Horror Movies: The Evolution Of The Horror Film Industry

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Since the 1890’s when film photography was first introduced, there have been a plethora of various film genres to surface and make their heydays. Each individual genre suited to meet the emotional needs of a specific type of person. As times changed so did the genres, but one thing stayed constant, the need for new films never died out. For the many centuries that followed the invention of film photography, people all around the world have gone to see films as a form of entertainment. Going to the movies has provided the world a chance to escape their reality momentarily generation after generation. Since there are numerous genres of film, that means that there is a movie type for everyone. Each genre attracts different people because of their unique requirements to fit into the genre. One genre of film in horror. Horror films have, and will continue to be the most popular films out of all the other genres. Each new period of time brought new genres and restrictions on others. With times changing constantly and new problems in …show more content…
Each year around the month of October most horror films are released, this is because of the holiday of Halloween. Each year there is a holiday that celebrates and promotes everything that horror movies are about. It will be impossible for the genre to die if each new year brings yet another chance to release horror films with almost guaranteed success. With the public’s attention always being brought back to horror films, there will always be a new demand for horror films to be released. In today’s culture horror films are more celebrated than ever before. Even the people who do not enjoy being scared are still drawn to the big screen to watch what they fear most become reality for a couple hours. Unless Halloween is no longer a holiday each year, there will always be a need for new horror films to be

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