Horror Films

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What features will my film include & how will I do this?
• Like in any horror film your main point of the film HAS to be to make your audience feel the fear of the people in the film. During my research on horror films I looked up the definition of horror and I found this: The definition of “horror” is: 1) ‘an intense feeling or fear, shock or disgust. 2) A thing causing such a feeling. 3) Intense dismay. Informal or a bad or mischievous person, especially a child.’ These 3 points are crucial in a horror film in order for it to be successful. To bring these points into my film firstly, I will create shocking and unexpected situations to make the audience fear for the people in the film and leave them in shock. I could create this by using scenarios
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Carrying on this point my film will also include bringing in real life situations that many people fear to create twisted and horrifying storylines out of them. This gives them the sense of ‘What if this was to happen to me?’ or ‘Could this really happen?’ This allows the audience to feel an even greater fear as this story line could follow very realistic story lines. Also bringing in the last point which says “a bad or mischievous person, especially a child.” This is a very important feature in my horror film as I feel that characters are a very important part of the creation in horror films as they play the parts. Picking the right balance of characters for your story can help create and add the fear to your story. A “mischievous child” in a horror film would be a very unsettling story line which would make a lot of people feel uncomfortable and feel some kind of fear as we have the perception that children are always lovely and comforting in some way but when you play on the emotions of people by adding an uncomfortable and unusual twist to the child, this can help to really set some kind of mood. An example of a “child” …show more content…
Editing in horror films can help to create more tension. There are a number of different techniques that can help create this kind of feeling. I could take this into my work by using this feature. The techniques that would help to do this would be techniques such as cross cutting and soviet montage. I would use these techniques in my work by using story lines that follow situations like “will someone make it to a certain place to save someone from a evil person?” or “will someone come back into a house when the evil person is sneaking around their house”. . These techniques create and leave the audience sitting on the edge of their seats. Special effects make situations look realistic in order to make the audience feel like what’s happening is real and they can see the realism behind the story. This could be things like fake cuts or fake deaths with situations including guns and

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