Horatio Alger 's American Dream Essay

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Connections Essay

Horatio Alger’s American dream is the idea that in the United States of America, if a person wants something, they can make it happen. It’s the attitude that no-one or nothing can hold a person back from their personal dreams. Regardless of race, religion, background or sex, this dream can be reached. If you want to start a company, you have to work hard to get there. This alone is why thousands immigrate to the US every year to live a life of freedom with endless opportunities. But the American dream has become more difficult to achieve, with changes in society that make wealth the end point, this begs the question; where does happiness come in?
Over the past four months, I have been studying four texts that all share the same common theme; The American dream. While all four perceive almost completely different ideas of this, they all include the protagonist reaching for a better place in life. These texts are The Great Gatsby, of mice and men, the fear and loathing in Las Vegas and American Beauty.
American Beauty is perhaps one of the most interesting texts from the four. Whilst on the outside, the Burnham family is portrayed as a typical American family that lives in a large house in the middle of suburbia, with two parents with financially stable jobs, and a happy marriage. Throughout the opening scenes of the film, we see the twisted relationship that these characters share. Beneath the surface this family all hate their lives. Lester hates his…

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