Hopeful Lessons From The Battle To Save Rainforests By Tasso Azevedo

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Hopeful lessons from the battle to save rainforests by Tasso Azevedo
Executive memo

When the Portuguese arrived in latin America about 500 years ago they found an amazing tropical forest, but they found this species that called their attention. The indigenous poole called this “pau Brazil” that is why the land was called land of Brazil and later on Brazil.
Forest products are all around us, in the Amazon evaporates 20 billion tons of water per day.
This is more than what the amazon river puts in the seaper day. If we had to boil water to get the same effect, we would need six months of the entire power generation capacity of the world.
Just one quarter of the 4 billion hectares of forests in the world is on the tropics, but that one quarter
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Brazil has the second largest forest in the world, most of it in the Amazon. There is still 80%of forest cover but Brazil has lost 15%in 30 years.
Deforestation was growing fast in the end of the 90s and accelerating in the beginning of the 2000s, 27 thousand square kilometers in one year, its almost like half of Costa Rica every year.
A plan was made up to battle the problem of deforestation. There is now a monitoring system almost in real time, very month or every three months’ information is gathered of where deforestation is happening to be able to act in that precise time.
This gave the opportunity to apprehend 1.4 million cubic meters of log that were illegally taken, and the revenue of that was used to fund conservation projects of local communities.
This also allowed the arrest of 700 people involved the next step was to cut the finance for deforestation in these areas and linked this to the end users and 50 million hectares of protected areas were created.
In the last 10 years’ deforestation in Brazil has dropped by 75%, comparing with the last decade, 8.7 million hectares were saved, which is the size of Austria, but more importantly it avoided the emission of 3 billion tons of
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The question is can we make it?
Deforestation means 60% of the green house gases emissions in the last decade in Brazil, in the world it’s 60% its energy, which means if we could tackle energy the same way we could tackle deforestation then we have a chance.
There are five things that need to be done:
• Disconnect development from carbon emissions.
• Move the incentives to the right place, put a price on carbon.
• Measure and make it transparent where, when and who is emitting green house gases.
• Leapfrog the routes of development.
• Share responsibilities between governments, businesses and civil society.

The video explains and shows the ways that deforestation has changed throughout the years and what the impact of such changes means for our present and our future.
The speaker not only poses great insights into the problem and the root of the problem but also states how meaningful changes are needed to achieve goals that are crucial for the good of the

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