Essay on Hope : The Key Of Success

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Hope: The Key to Success Hope is the driving force behind success. As defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary, “hope- to want something to happen or be true and think that it could happen or be true” (Webster). Without hope, there is no reality in becoming successful. Hope inspires an individual to believe that the intangible can become the tangible. Dreams and aspirations can be obtained by never ceasing ones’ original lust for success. However, this lust for success is fueled by the burning hope that lies within. The hope is what gives an individual the motivation to strive for this greatness and achieve this goal set forth by one’s self. Success can be determined by the prestige of an individual’s name, the number in a bank account, or the legacy left behind. However, the measure of success truly lies within the eyes of the beholder. The world is a vast land filled with one hundred and ninety-six sovereign nations (Friedland). Each country offers its own unique traditions, culture, and philosophies. With different upbringings, come different viewpoints. Growing up with different dreams and aspirations, amount to different opinions on what is success. In America, children grow up aspiring to become a billionaire on the cover of Forbes magazine, the next Derek Jeter, a model for Versace, the next great actor or actress of their time, or even the next musical genius of the 21st century. In America, everyone dreams of benefiting themselves, even if it comes at the expense…

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