Hope Is A Thing With Feathers Analysis

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Emily Dickinson did not title her poetry; nevertheless, her poems are recognized by the first line. In her “‘Hope’ is the thing with feathers...” poem she uses a metaphorical description of hope as a “little Bird” that “sings the tune”. Dickinson describes this bird that sings everywhere despite all the difficulties; she sings in the face of the most powerful storm and the strongest wind. As this bird’s song, hope also always stays alive within us, and it never asks for anything from us; it just live with us and supports us when we need it.
In the first stanza, Dickinson personifies hope as a “thing” or feeling, but when she immediately differentiates it from everything else in that category by saying “thing with feathers.” She begins to give to hope bird-like characteristics that make it easier to understand the concept of the hope. In many of poems, Emily Dickinson describes the feelings or
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This mean that no matter in what part of the world you live or travel, the hope is always will be with you in your soul. In the last two lines, “Yet never in Extremity, It asked a crumb of me”, Dickinson describes a hope as an inherent power that is always within you, requires no payments and it is available for everyone. By using the word “crumb” she continues the metaphor, showing that hope needs no sustenance to survive, only wings to fly like a bird and clear soul.
Emily Dickinson in her poems uses a concrete image from nature to make more real something like hope that is difficult to “see”. The metaphorical use of these concepts makes it easier to understand the context of the poem. In her “’Hope’ is the thing with feathers” poem, she shows hope like a bird that continues to fly inside her. While we may all experience some dark times, hope can offer some encouragement. Believing in that little bird is what kept her, and thousands of people stay

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