Hope Is A Drive : Hope Essay

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Hope is a Drive Hope is the only drive people have in tragic situations. Throughout Ishmael’s memoir of his experience in the war he had drive, hope, and faith within himself. He had faith that he and his brother Junior would find safety from the war. Having this faith allowed Ishmael to create a forward drive that kept him running. After he and his brother were separated by the rebels in an ambush, he realized that it was easier to hope for a better day. He was confident that someday everything would be better. During his time in the military, he lost hope and faith in getting out of the war, because it was his outlet and he enjoyed it, but then when he was taken to Benin home a rehabilitation center, he hoped for someone to claim him and was encouraged to regain his childhood. This hope drove Ishmael, not to give up, because he hoped for a better day. His idea of hope and faith changed because of the situations he was forced into. Faith and mental encouragement created Ishmael’s hope. When Ishmael and Junior were running from the war, they were searching for safety. Ishmael’s brother mentally encouraged him by reminding them of their past, and believing that they would find safety and refuge from the war. When Ishmael and Junior were running from rebel forces they knew that there was no going back. Ishmael realized, “We had no idea where we would go or even how to get to a safe place, but we were determined to find one”(36). The boys stayed together for as long as they…

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