Hope For Public Education And Public Schools Essay

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Hope for Public Education

Almost every child in the United States receives an education, some children go through private schools, and some children get home schooled, however most children attend public schools. Each school may seem the same, however many schools differ and there are many problems with the public schools system. O’Rourke and Stevenson both give very compelling opinions on the school systems and what they think the public education flaws are, and both provide their own solutions. O’Rourke’s opinion on public schools is very negative, and essentially his proposal for public schools is this, “Close all the public schools. Send the kids home. Fire the teachers. Sell the buildings. Raze the U.S Department of Education, leaving not one brick standing upon another and plow the land where it stood with salt” (O’Rourke paragraph 15). Stevenson on the other hand has faith in public schools and believes that they can be fixed with a few of her proposals. I think that public schools do have some problems however they can be fixed, I agree with Stevenson argument because it is impractical to close all the public schools and send students to private schools. This wouldn’t solve anything and it would create added stress on the parents to pay for school, which some parents can’t afford thats why they send their kids to public schools. I went through the public school system, and I know where the flaws are, however there are many benefits and good qualities of public…

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